segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

A noite

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px disse...

Depois disto alguém dúvida que o Sebastião Peixoto é um verdadeiro conhecedor dos mistérios da noite e tudo o que ela nos traz?
Eu não!

Chagall disse...

Wow, this is simply gorgeous! But what is it? I mean, maybe an illustrated book? Could it be found in English language on Amazon? (I’m Italian, but I don’t speak portoguese).
Anyway congratulations, you’re simply talented. ;)

Chagall disse...

I would love so much to understandPortuguese. You did a fabulous job from what I can see.

brufen600 disse...

Hello Chagall!:-)
Sorry for being slow to answer,this is not a book,they are made for a beautifull Portuguese magazine called UMBIGO.
The text was illustrated called the "Night" writing by the french Guy De Maupassant(nineteenth century)!
Thanks a lot for the coments...

Best regards,